Lekebusch Musik proudly presents "Glimpses - Chapter 1" (verses 01-13), an extraordinary audio/poetry album produced by Swedish Techno sound architect, Cari Lekebusch. Created in collaboration with writers and voice over artists from across the globe, the album features audio poems written by Bob Johnson, G-Tech, Mantis Oh and C-Blast, merged with electronica soundtracks and the voices of NushiOne, Persia Bravin and KorpGud.

Each of the thirteen poems explores the age old questions associated with the human condition, taking you on a journey through an intense range of emotions and fusing these sentiments with sound. Love, loss, beauty, revenge, birth and the unchartered abyss of death are familiar themes throughout.

The main aim of this project is to reach a different audience: one that is perhaps not usually interested in classic poetry formats. By setting these words against a backdrop of hypnotic, eerie and sometimes foreboding tracks, and layering each one with atmospheric sound effects, the listener can immerse themselves in each poem completely.

Presented here below, the full 13-track album is available in our Bandcamp. In addition to the music and videos, the album artwork can be downloaded in various screensaver formats for your computer, smart phone or tablet (image links below). And there is more! Extraordinary photo artist Sabbian Paine has made interpretations of several of the poems (seen below as well).

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Lekebusch Musik presents [LEMU-2015-G113]

Various Artists / Glimpses - Chapter 1 (verse 1-13)

01. G-Tech, C-Blast - Respect Back (feat G-Tech)
02. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Wistful Cynicism (feat Mantis Oh)
03. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Just For You (feat Mantis Oh)
04. G-Tech, C-Blast - Your Path (feat G-Tech)
05. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - When You Where Born (feat Persia Bravin)
06. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Poetic Justice (feat Korpgud)
07. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Tick Tock (feat Mantis Oh)
08. G-Tech, C-Blast - EXP (feat G-Tech)
09. G-Tech, C-Blast - Out Of Nowhere (feat G-Tech)
10. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Beautiful Morning (feat NushiOne)
11. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Selected Haiku (feat G-Tech)
12. Thoth Jantzen, Mantis Oh - Lost (feat C-Blast)
13. G-Tech, C-Blast - In Stone (feat G-Tech)

*02, 03, 05, 06, 07, 10, 11, 12 written by:
Thoth Jantzen (Bob Johnson)

*01, 04, 08, 09, 13 written by:
George Rontiris aka G-Tech and Cari Lekebusch aka C-Blast

*all tracks produced by Cari Lekebusch, recorded at the H-Productions HQ
*featuring the voices of NushiOne, Persia Bravin, Mantis Oh, KorpGud, G-Tech & C-Blast

Copyright Control. All rights reserved.
(C) Lekebusch Musik





Hello Earth - my place of birth
Hello Sun - thank you for your energy
Your light guides my life

The speed of the vibration
Is called the rotation

Let us cool out
Just look at the stars

Massive overloads
Need to decompress

Please, let the future start
On your mark - get set



Come and sing a song with me,
one of joy and laughter,
one of pain and weeping,
and of all that may come after.

Come, tell me a story
of how it all began,
and fill my mind with wonder
at the miracle of man.

Come and let's explore
the mysteries of life,
the Questions of the ages,
and the deepness of the night.

Come, let's find the meaning,
or some underlying reason
for us to keep on keepin' on,
and for us to keep believin'.

Come, let's not and say we did,
and fool ourselves some more
let's imagine that we can dream
and can hope for something more.


I just shed a single tear,
just one.
and just for you.

i shed one every single year.
just one,
and just for you.


Is your path clean
Please check

Direction to the truth
Very space-age

Fantastical but scientifical
Hold the light within

The moment is now
You can forget about later

A strong wind passes by
The trees bend back

Not a single soul around
Just me and Mother nature
Her message is received

I go on…


On the day that you were born,
all the birds paused their singing,
the sun, moon, and stars stopped shining,
and the people in the villages
all stopped what they were doing...

...just for a moment. then,

the birds resumed their singing,
just a little bit more sweetly;

the sun, moon, and stars
began to shine again,
but now a bit more brightly;

and the people again went about their business,
after sharing a brief shy smile with those around them,
for no other reason that they could see
except that somehow they suddenly
just felt like smiling.

The day that you were born
the world became a sweeter, brighter,
and happier place.

On the day that i first saw you
i could hear the birds singing again
for the first time in years.
i felt the sun warm my heart,
the stars lighten my soul,
and the moon brighten my nights.
and somehow, for some strange reason,
i wanted again to smile.

On the day i first loved you,
my world became a sweeter, brighter
and much happier place,
and i was reborn.


I am He who Nemesis wed,
and He for whom Thoth has spoken.
The Sons of Odin - my loyal knights,
until my Enemies all lay broken.
For Them there can be no escape,
nor hint of Mercy shall They see.

Not ?til I deliver Them unto Their Fate
Shall my Fury leave and set me free.

They rule their Empire at my expense,
while my family suffers from Their pretense.
But Wreckoning Time shall come for Them,
Their lives and souls - mine to condemn.

A simple crime - a trust betrayed,
of debts reversed, yet not repaid.
Murdered, yet still drawing breath,
My Gift of Fire will be Their Death.

For I am He who Nemesis wed,
and He for whom Thoth has spoken.
The Sons of Odin my loyal knights,
until my Enemies all lay broken.
For Them there shall be no escape,
nor hint of Mercy shall They see.

Not until I deliver Them unto Their Fate
Shall my Fury leave and set me free.


tick tock, tick tock!
listen to the clock
do you hear it?
do you feel it?
your time's running out
right out through the door,
when it's gone,
you'll want some more,
but then it's gonna be...

tick tock, tick tock!
oops! too late -
you were way too slow!
hell, you never even tried, now,
did you?
do you think you could have?
if you could have, do you think you would have?
if you would have, do you think you should have?
if you should have, do you think you could...

tick tock, tick tock
listen to the clock!
can you hear it - echoing in your head?
can you feel it - hiding beneath your bed?
watch out!
it's gonna get you...
it'll grab you by the toes,
bite you in your ass,
lead you by your nose,
just before it runs out on you...

tick tock, tick tock
Oh, listen to that clock!

every single tick you hear
brings ever closer
that final tock you fear.

of course, when it happens
you won't be there to hear it
so what's the sense
for you to fear it?

08. EXP

Don't even think about it!

All came to learn - by experiencing
Discovering the beauty and the true love within
Reforming into water
Flowing back into the ground
Nourishing the all with the fuel of the synergy
Feeling the motions of energy
Forming into symmetry
And all that came to be


Always thinking twice
Because you have to
You drive yourself crazy
It's good sometimes
Better luck next time
One day at a time
Even ask your soul
Let yourself know
Wait hold on!
Wait hold on!
Wait hold on!
You forgot to freak your flow!


Early this morning,
as i was waking up,
i heard the birds singing
in the trees outside,
and i could feel
the warm summer breeze blowing
through the open window
and across our bodies
as we lay together
in our bed.

Then I opened my eyes
and looked upon your lovely face,
and i thought to myself,
"what a beautiful morning!"

And as I lay there,
just looking at you,
the sun began its day.
My heart overflowed
and i just had to smile.
i reached out
and touched you,
just to be sure
that you were real...

...because i felt
so very happy
just to be with you
in that magical moment
as you lay sleeping
on such a beautiful morning.


a dark winter's night
heaven's mirror reflecting
on the face of god.

hate or empty love
just one path left to follow
new hopes, past mistakes.

fleeing butterfly,
a warm summer's day takes wing
with a child's delight.

oh! heaven blazed!
love's arrow has me smitten,
blinded, i'm amazed.

fear reigns in silence,
heavy darkness brings the night
children softly cry.

warm sunlight beckons;
a seedling, reaching upwards,
tries to grasp the sky.

touch the rose of love.
pricked, we bleed upon our sleeves;
cut, we hide the scar.

spellbound she holds me,
sweet mysteries unfolding,
she reigns over me.

we cry, denying
results of our decisions;
destined to defeat.

we seek, not finding
the answers to our questions
lying at our feet.

12. LOST

Peace is something strange to me
a thing I'll never find.
so I wander this world aimlessly,
and slowly lose my mind.

truth is something dear to me
but all they do is lie.
and always when I do believe
in the end I always cry.


Brainstorms occur

At all different times
Let me write this on paper
Before it slips away

As we ride these musical waves
Let's get carried away
Somewhere far away

Searching for bliss
You might miss
The true meaning

Now please
Come in with ease
Relax on your knees

Pray on top of mountains
Near water fountains

Blessings from Earth God

(C) Lekebusch Musik AB / Hybrid Productions / Cari Lekebusch