2014 marks Cari Lekebusch's 30th anniversary as a recording artist. Throughout this time, the Swedish producer has become established as one of the premier pioneers of electronic music, carving out a niche as a distinctive and original exponent of his art and paving the way for countless others to follow; inspired by Lekebusch's never-ending desire to innovate as well as entertain. 

An essential aspect of this enduring legacy has been the variety that Lekebusch has brought to his music. Whether it be tracks that span the full range of techno from hard to funky to minimal or his more experimental works in hip hop or downtempo styles, there is an undeniable diversity to the Swede's back catalogue that has served to set him apart and made him a firm favourite of connoisseur fans from across genres. 

In typically forward-thinking style, Cari has chosen to begin this anniversary year with something "out of the norm" and unique to freshen the palette prior to the 30th Anniversary plans being announced in full. The start of a new chapter, this will be Lekebusch's 21st studio album, and consistent with the theme of landmark anniversaries, the album's release date coincides with Cari Lekebusch's birthday on 7th January!

Conceived and written simply for the love of creating something different, Shifting Ruminations is an exploration of futuristic electronica and deep-space ambient moods. A creative expression free from the restraint of expectation or the conventions of the dance floor. The chance for musical themes to be expanded and evolved beyond the boundaries of DJ tracks. An alternative soundtrack for the open-minded. A special project just for the fans and music heads.

Shifting Ruminations is presented here, with the full 11-track album available at our Bandcamp.

In addition to the music, the album artwork can be downloaded in various screensaver formats for your computer, smart phone or tablet.


Cari Lekebusch / Shifting Ruminations

01. Revolving Swerve
02. Biotic Morphology
03. Ethereal Essence
04. Lucent Influence
05. Sinewave Service
06. Celestial Bodies
07. Rite Of Passage
08. Shifting Ruminations
09. Sunkissed Venture
10. Bloom Trajectory
11. Radiant Reflection

w&p by Cari Lekebusch, recorded at the HPHQ Stockholm Sweden.
utilising Cubase, Reason, Live, TR-808, Jupiter-8, MPC-3000, Fireworx, BV-12 Vocoder.

Copyright Control. All rights reserved.
(C) Lekebusch Musik / H-Productions / Cari Lekebusch